No MOre RoyAL HandOutS

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ExperiMenTal ExplOsiVes

Yep, that's what Lord Styrofoam is known for. You might think he is known for writing songs and making videos but nope. He tries to think of new ways to blow shit up. One attempt was what made his hair turn metallic white and why he must wear protection from the sun all over his body. It was also the reason he was drummed out of the Olde Country. 

DonATionS tO ChAriTy

Lord Styrofoam humbly accepts donations. The manufacture of digital content has become monstrously expensive even by a lord's standards, especially a lord with no money. So please help if you can. Those who donate will receive all Lord Styrofoam songs free until the end of eternity, or the end of their career, whichever comes first.